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Open Play2021-04-18T15:19:47-05:00

We are so sad to announce the Executive Orders continue to keep our indoor facility closed with the limited occupancy.  We hope to open back up as soon as the Governor allows us to. We will be calling all parties that are booked during this time frame to reschedule. Thank you for your patience and loyalty as we navigate this situation one day at a time, and look forward to when we can reopen again.
Stay safe!
Thank you
321 Jump

Open Play Menu

$6.50 Jumper (ages 1 and older)
$2.50 for additional person viewing
*One free viewing adult per paid jumper *Adults assisting child/ren ages 4 and under are FREE to play (one per child). Adults playing with children over 4 years old pay to play.
$1.00 Socks
$1.00 Hot Cocoa or Coffee
$50.00 1 hour Room Rental, during open play hours (required if you bring in food, cake and/or presents)
$6.50 Gift Cards (good for one open play session)
$65.00 Jumper Cards (good for 12 visits, one card per child)

Sign Waiver


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*Notes a special event, check the details below.

> We recommend that you bring in water or we have bottled water available in our vending machine, the kids get really warm while playing.

> Everyone must wear socks at all times while on the equipment. Adults viewing on chairs are allowed to keep their shoes on provided they stay on the black mats, shoes must be removed if walking around in the bounce room.

* Toddler Tuesday will be for children ages 5 and under only, schedule will note designated days.

* Lunch ‘n’ Jump - Come in and play and stay for lunch. The Cost is $9 person Lunch may change week to week and will be either Hot Dogs, Sandwiches or Pizza. Includes chips and a Capri Sun. Open play is available the same time frame for the regular price of $6.50/person. Schedule will note designated days.

* Nerf Night - We will have nerf wars taking place in our playroom. All children need to wear protective eye wear. $10 per person with a $1 off for bringing your own gun. Sorry no powered or modified guns will be allowed. We only have standard bullets available, we do not allow you to bring your own.

We will continue to adjust open play hours around parties being booked. Each week I will post the open play hours and keep this site updated.

All participating kids need to have a waiver signed by their parents or guardian (18+) prior to entering the Bounce Room. The form can be found on our Contact us page. Adults playing need to fill out a form for themselves as well.

If you are a daycare provider please call to reserve your private open play date and time. Scheduling is flexible.